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Professor David Kwai-che Tse
Professor David Kwai-che Tse Professor of International Marketing and Director of Chinese Management Centre
BBA (Chinese Univ. of Hong Kong), MBA, PhD (Univ. of California, Berkeley)

Tel: (852) 2859 1010
Fax: (852) 2559 8100
David K. Tse is the Chair Professor of International Marketing at the School of Business at the University of Hong Kong. He taught for 10 years at the University of British Columbia (1984-1993) after he received his BBA (Chinese Univ.), MBA and PhD (Univ. of California, Berkeley, 1984). He returned to Hong Kong in 1993 and joined the University of Hong Kong in 1998. He has taught at universities in U.S., Canada, Europe, Hong Kong and Mainland China. Since 2002, Professor Tse serves as an Honorary Professor of Marketing at Guanghua School of Management, Peking University and an Honorary Professor of Marketing at Fudan University. By July 2007, his papers have been cited over 750 times (Social Science Citation Index) and over 1,200 times on web citation (Google Scholar).
Research Interests
  • International Marketing Strategy (with particular interests in China)
  • Channel Strategy
  • Services Marketing
  • Consumption Behavior in the Internet
Research Activities
He served as the founding vice-president of the Asia Academy of Management. At the University of Hong Kong, he co-founds the Chinese Management Centre, as a centre of distinction in the university. He also helps start the school’s IMBA programs in Shanghai, a joint program with Fudan University in 2000. He is a fellow of Center for Service Leadership in Arizona State University and also a fellow of William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan. In 2004, he founds the China Marketing Institute, a joint university institute with Peking University, Hong Kong University and Fudan University.

He serves as a consulting editor for marketing papers in the Journal of International Business Studies and sits on the advisory/editorial board in Harvard Business Review (China), Journal of International Marketing and China Marketing (the largest circulated marketing magazine in China). He also reviews papers for the Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing Research and 6 other international journals. His joint research projects on Mainland China received over HK$4.6 million government competitive grants and HK$ 3.5 million other research grants.

Professor Tse sits on a number of funding panels in China and Hong Kong, including the National Science Foundation (China)/HKRGC, the Hong Kong SAR Government Research Grant Council, Humanities, Social Science and Business Panel and the Policy Grant sub-panel.

Honors and External Appointments

Professor Tse is listed on Who's Who in International Business Education and Research, Marquis's Who's Who in the World. In a survey, he is rated as the world's most prolific and cited scholar in China marketing and among the world's top researchers in International Business and Chinese management research. Professor Tse spoke at international and major professional conferences including World Knowledge Forum, World Marketing Conference, USC’s Asia Pacific Business Outlook Conference, Beijing Stock Commission CEO Conference, China Professional Marketers’ Conference, and AMCHAM talks. He served in Hong Kong Government's Central Policy Unit (1995-7) and sat on committees in other organizations including ICAC, Real Estate Authority. He appeared in newspapers (Hong Kong Economic Times etc.), magazines (World Executive etc.) and on TVs (CNBC etc).

Consultancy and Executive Programs

Professor Tse consults for companies in Hong Kong, Canada and Mainland China, including HSBC, SmarTone, All China Market Research, ChinaVest, Swire Properties, Elec & Eltec, Nomura Research International, and Hong Kong Government. He served as a board member (non-executive) for a public listed company in Hong Kong and will serve as a non-executive director for a public listed company in NYSE.

He conducts executive programs/talks for Hong Kong and international companies including BMW, British Petroleum, Ernst & Young Partner Series, DHL,, Jusco, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, SmarTone, Elec & Eltec, HSBC, Acer Computer, Tetra-Pak, AT&T, Johnson and Johnson (Xian) etc. He held workshops for AMCHAM, Hong Kong Government departments including Independent Commission Against Crime, Housing Department, Urban Services Department, Civil Services Training and Development Institute. He also gave talks in executive programs of American (Stanford, Emory, Duke, Michigan, USC, Wharton), European (INSEAD) and Canadian (UBC, Toronto) universities.

Teaching Interests
  1. Marketing Strategy
  2. Marketing in China

Professor Tse received best MBA Teacher Award in 2005.

Research Publications

Professor Tse published 42 international journal papers, 9 book chapters, 15 conference papers and 8 books. His major Journal papers are as follows (with Social Science Citation and Google Scholar Citation counts):

  1. CK Bennett Yim, David K. Tse and Kimmy W. Chan, “Store Love: Model and Effect on Service Loyalty,” Journal of Marketing Research. (forthcoming)
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  4. Seung Ho Park, Shaomin Li and David K. Tse, “Market Liberalization and Firm Performance during China’s Economic Transition”, Journal of International Business Studies, (2006) 37, 127-147. (cited 0 times in SSCI and 0 times in Google Scholar)
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